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Giving and Donating is the True Heart and Humanity

Musa Mwaky is not an foundation or non-governmental organization, but a person who is ready to sacrifice himself for love and to help those who deserve help. Let's help them together for the love of God.

My Plans and Goals


The goal is to help orphans living in centers to meet their essential needs such as clothing, food and even the necessary equipment to provide them with happiness through the power of God.

Tree Planting

The tree planting program is also one of my goals to ensure that we plant fifty to one hundred trees in each ward or village. This program focuses more on increasing the greenness of the world.


We believe that if you give yourself and contribute in God's way, it opens up many blessings in our lives. Without discrimination of religion or belief, but the goal is to convey what we have been given to those in need.

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Donation Leaderboard

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